Let’s go antiquing!

Over the last year, the Orchard Park Antique Mall has become a favorite place for The Wife and I to spend a few hours. The Sunday before last, we had a couple free hours…and we still ended up rushing through the back parts of the store because our time started running out.

I’ve decided that what I love most about the antique thing is that, while there are familiar things that are always there (several booths of action figures, for example, heavy on the Star Wars), there is always something new, something that’s really pretty unique, something that I’ve never seen before or something that I have seen before but maybe wouldn’t mind buying. You really, truly never know what you’re going to find in antique joints.

Like…a sombrero!

Rural Sombrero

(Yeah, finger on the lens. No idea how I did that. Sorry. But notice the print of comic art down there, next to the sombrero: “But I had to kill her! We wore the same dress!”)

No, I didn’t buy the sombrero. Nor did I want to. It’s the principle of the thing, folks!

Nor did I buy these Toby mugs, although I gazed wistfully upon them for quite a while:

Athos, Porthos, Aramis

They’re the Three Musketeers, although I’m not sure which is Athos, Porthos or Aramis. Toby mugs are always expensive there…which breaks my heart because I want to own some, really badly. I think that Toby mugs look absolutely awesome. There are always quite a few available at the Antique Mall, but they always go for upwards of $50 or more. Someday!

This bust of Richard Wagner wasn’t there last time:


It had no price on it, oddly. This might have tempted, had it been cheap.

Of course, there are books:

You alone can make my soul take flight....

Perusing a book

I bought both of these…Phantom for The Daughter, who is hugely into The Phantom of the Opera, and the omnibus of Ian Fleming’s original James Bond novels for myself. Huzzah!

And for all the “OMG, I really want that!” which you’ll find in an antique joint, there are also the items that are remarkable in other ways. Such as…this handbag!

Words fail me.

Hand-made, never used. French in origin. All the puzzle pieces fall into place!

The Antique Mall is a brightly-lit store of modern look; no dark and dusky alcoves containing items of unknown origin here. But that doesn’t mean that grim things don’t reside there:

This doll will KILL YOU.


And if you want furniture with mirrors, well, the Antique Mall is the place for you. The mirrors seem faulty, though; every one of ’em seems to be showing some dork in overalls. Buy with caution.

Yeah, I am slowly getting bitten by the antiquing bug!

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4 Responses to Let’s go antiquing!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    so happy to see your finger on the lens. i've done that way too often over the years.
    love the hat.
    WV: prance – what one does around a sombrero

  2. Unknown says:

    Your scarf is awesome.
    The doll is absolutely creepy. I saw a Livejournal group once where people posted horrifying things they found in antique shops, it would be at home there.

  3. Kerry says:

    If you go back and buy me that $25 baby alligator purse and ship it out here, I will reimburse — no, I will reimpurse you for it. That baby alligator needs a home.

  4. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Kerry: You might want to click through to the largest version and re-check the price on that thing!

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