Local blogger to Buffalo: Drop Dead!

Chris Smith on the logical end of his years of Buffalo activism:

For the small percentage of people who don’t fit into the above, haven’t moved and aren’t currently planning an escape? You’re a special and unique little snowflake in this town. Try to remain sane as you swim upstream against the ferocious power of the status quo. But here’s a bit of unsolicited advice, stop trying to “save” Buffalo. It doesn’t want to be saved. This city is like an alcoholic, abusive boyfriend. The more you try to save him, the more he drags you down with him. I know, we don’t “know” how sweet he can be when you’re alone together, right? If you just try hard enough, he’ll change.

I wonder occasionally how the onward march of demographics might force change in Buffalo…but that’s the long game, and I’ve never been much of an activist, anyway. Buffalo is where I live, because I have a job here and I’m generally happy already and…well, that’s about it. I have zero interest in running for office, I have zero interest in working in politics in any real way, I don’t plan to be an entrepreneur and start a local business. I think Buffalo will eventually change because nothing stays the way it is forever. That’s not to say that it will change for the better, but other than that…I reached the same point Chris did a long time ago.

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2 Responses to Local blogger to Buffalo: Drop Dead!

  1. Andy says:

    Not gonna lie to ya buddy, I have ALWAYS had mixed emotions about Buffalo and western NY in general. One part of me will ALWAYS be a WNYer! KRIPES! I was born in Olean General hospital for GOD SAKES so it's ALWAYS going to be special to me. BUT the other side thanks GOD that pops moved us away from there in 88 because I don't think there are the opportunities up there that there are down here..

  2. csmith2884 says:

    Just wanted to say that my name is Christopher Smith, I never use Chris. I read many blogs, but don't blog and while I live close enough to Buffalo for people to be confused, that's not me.

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