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Continuing the answering from Ask Me Anything! August 2010, with a few queries from Roger:

TIME magazine put on its cover recently a picture of a young woman with her nose cut off, presumably by the Taliban. Appropriate or not to put on a national magazine? Is it advocacy journalism?

I can’t really say if putting such a photo on the cover is advocacy journalism or not, but it’s definitely highly provocative. I think the question of “advocacy” would hinge on whatever slant exists, if any, in the article corresponding to that cover image.

As for being appropriate to a national magazine, I’m even less sure. It’s certainly a disturbing image, but having just searched it out online (I found it here), I must say that it’s not the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on a magazine cover. But…well, I have a hard time with it being on the cover of one of the most prominent magazines in the country. It just seems…a little much to me. Putting the image in the magazine? Fine. On the cover? That does seem a bit exploitative to me.

Who is going to be in, and win (pick one or both) the next World Series and/or the next Super Bowl?

Not the Pirates or the Bills!

I don’t pay enough attention to baseball anymore to really be able to make any kind of confident prediction there. As for the Super Bowl, well, I’m not ready to make my annual prediction yet (I do this the week before the regular season starts), but right now, Indianapolis and Green Bay seem like good bets to me.

Who will be President of the United States in 2013?

Barack Obama.

More answers to come!

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