The Newest Dolphin

So, apparently former Bills quarterback JP Losman has signed with the quarterback-desperate Miami Dolphins. I have a hard time deciding what to feel about this. Buffalo Bills fans are supposed to hate the Dolphins, even if the rivalry isn’t nearly what it used to be, mostly owing to both teams stinking for a decade. But right now, hating the Dolphins actually forces me to root for them, so they don’t end up with the top pick in the draft and thus guarantee that the Bills have to face Andrew Luck twice a year for a decade or so. (Although, not that facing Dan Marino twice a year for fifteen years turned out all that badly, but still.)

And now the Dolphins add Losman to the mix.

Losman wasn’t good here. He just wasn’t. The Bills decided in the 2004 draft that they wanted to get their quarterback of the future, come hell or high water, so they traded back into the first round (giving up their 2005 first rounder) to take Losman. It didn’t go particularly well. Losman did show some flashes of talent, and he had a cannon for an arm, but he just never settled in, never seemed to figure out the game, never developed a touch for finesse passes, and just…never got there. He was replaced by Trent Edwards (who also never got there), was eventually cut, and has knocked around a bit without really landing anyplace.

But the thing is…Losman’s a good guy. He really is. Or at least, that’s the impression I got when he was here. He’s a Southern California kid, but when he landed in Buffalo, he extended a lot of effort to make this his home. He chose to live in the city, as opposed to buying a McMansion out near the stadium someplace. He did community stuff in public. He worked hard, he tried hard, and he made it clear that he really wanted it — both NFL success and a hometown in Buffalo. It just didn’t work out, and it was a shame. I was a big backer of his for quite a while, until even I had to admit that it wasn’t going to happen for him here, but even when the end of his Buffalo career came, I wished him all the best wherever he landed.

And I still hope he succeeds. Maybe for Losman, “success” will mean putting together a nice career as a back-up QB or occasional starter. Heck, maybe his career will follow the Rich Gannon path, and he’ll have a late-career blossoming. You never know…but for my money, JP Losman is a good guy and I hope he finds some football success.

Even if it’s with the frakking Dolphins.

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  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    You know of what you speak. I like when I find a topic on your blog that actually surprises me. Regardless of topic, you know a lot on the subject. Gives your work authority. You can argue classical music and fooball moves that would improved the team in key areas because said players will be available after this season. THAT is a sumbitch that knows his football. Next it will be the dutch tulip scandal in the last 1700s. That's one of my favorite stories.

    When I read the title of your blog…the newest dolphin…I thought it was some half dolphin/half machine creature that science created by replacing the damages fins of the dolphin with bionics.

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