Overalls weather!

Overalls weather!, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

Usually, from June to mid-September at the earliest, I might get to wear overalls a handful of times, because it’s just too warm for them. Not that overalls are especially hot, per se, but the bib and the back part do tend to rest where…well, where I tend to produce the most sweat. I’m better at dealing with heat now than I used to be, but I’m still not up to wearing overalls in summer.

I’m not sure how the rest of this summer is going to play out, but so far in June, we seem to have a pattern going where it will get seasonably warm (or even a bit warmer) for a few days, say five or six days, and then we’ll get two or three days of unseasonably cool days that lots of folks whine about but which I find highly pleasant and refreshing. This weekend is one of the cool weekends — highs in the low 60s, which is not usual for June in these parts! So I get to wear overalls this weekend, huzzah!

Will this pattern hold? I doubt it, but I’d love it if it did. I’d love to be able to wear overalls to the Erie County Fair, but it’s always too hot by Fair time. We’re knocking on the door of July, which is always my least favorite month (mainly because of the heat), so we’ll see.

By the way, that plant in front of me is one of two ivy plants that we have. That one is actually grown from a cutting I made off the original plant, which you can’t see because it’s behind me (except for one tendril sticking out from, well, behind my arse). Usually our ivies shed most of their leaves over the winter, even though we bring them inside, but that didn’t happen this year, so both of them are doing abnormally well for being this point in the summer. Also note the hummingbird feeder — we have three, The Wife loves hummingbirds — and the hummingbird light next to the feeder. It’s solar powered, so it charges through the day and lights up at night.

I like our balcony, and I wish it got enough sun that we could have a real producing tomato plant. That line of trees there, on the right side of the photo, keeps going well past where the camera is, giving us nice shade but also enough shade that tomato plants will grow but not produce fruit. Oh well.

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2 Responses to Overalls weather!

  1. Dazee Dreamer says:

    You could always wear a wife beater type shirt under your overalls to catch the sweat.

    What, in my younger years when overalls were all the rage for girls, i would wear tube tops to cover the goods. 🙂

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    I'm not a big fan of wife-beaters, though. (For one thing, the name itself is terrible!)

    Tube tops and overalls are a terrific combination, by the way!

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