Reboots: Yeah, I’m sick of ’em

According to AICN, Sony Pictures has failed to come to an agreement with the creative team behind the first three Spiderman movies on the making of a fourth, so the whole team is out and now they’re planning to reboot the franchise.

Yup, another reboot.

Look, some “reboots” are fine — Batman Begins and Casino Royale both brought fresh direction to their respective franchises. I suppose Star Trek did as well, although I’m less sold on that film than most. But geez, do we need to keep rebooting things? Rebooting seems to be less about creative direction now and more about marketing and money and so on. I know they don’t call it “show business” for nothing, but I’m tired of the whole “Keeping franchises alive by rebooting” craze.

For this flick, will we have to watch Peter Parker get bitten by the spider again? Watch him learn about his new powers again? Lose Uncle Ben again? From the look of things, Sony really really really wants a Spiderman flick in 2011 and will do whatever it takes to get one. Oh well.

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