Saturday Centus (depressing edition)

I apologize for the somber tone of my entry for this week, but I think that the dominant event of the day is pretty self-explanatory.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas,
my parents gave to me
thirteen lilies for my grave.


UPDATE: By the way, this post will serve as my only comment on this blog on the awful events in Connecticut. I’ve said a few things on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, but I won’t be using this space to air any of my thoughts.

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9 Responses to Saturday Centus (depressing edition)

  1. Gail says:

    Yes, too sad.

  2. Jo says:

    horribly sad …

  3. Kris says:

    Short and profound…well done !!!

  4. LLM Calling says:

    a perfect comment and commemoration on this endlessly sad day

  5. lissa says:

    too sad for words, I think. I, too don't want to air any of my thoughts.

  6. LJB says:

    While I respect your choice, I'm curious about it. Seems to me this is a way more fitting place to share your thoughts than the others. The bog is where you have so eloquently spoken about many things – both joyous and tragic. The other social media sites don't seem to me to be a setting that allows the expression you are so gifted at. Not pushing for more…just sayin'.

  7. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Lynda: I've gone back and forth, but ultimately, I just don't think that I'm equipped to bring any eloquence to this particular topic. I can't think about it for more then twenty seconds without feeling the pulse quicken and the anger return. This is one of those incidents that makes me wonder what kind of country this is, and I don't like that feeling. Maybe someday, when some time and distance have interceded — but not now.

    I did offer two brief thoughts on Tumblr, here and here. Any more than that, I think, and I will almost certainly cross the line into screaming at the wind.

  8. Judie says:

    I usually write a silly Christmas poem for my best friend. I just could not bring myself to write it this year. I did write one, however, and you can read it on my blog.

    Such heartbreak! Such anguish! Enough said.

  9. Jenny says:

    Peace on Earth.

    I cannot imagine the suffering of these families.

    Or the world in which something so awful could come about.

    I look at my Grandlittles and my heart breaks…

    Their questions…

    Their innocence…

    How to protect them in a world where instant media creates monsters?

    I have no answers.

    Only prayers.

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