Something for Thursday

So much of Tchaikovsky, I can live just fine without. But there’s stuff of Tchaikovsky’s that, well, if you asked me to live without it, I’d cry.

Here, in time for The Season, is the Nutcracker Suite. I played this every year in college with the orchestra there; this is one of relatively few pieces of music that, for me, has very definite ties in my mind to a specific time and place. This is also one of those musical works that I point to whenever anyone tells me that there is no magic in our world. Oh yes, there is!

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2 Responses to Something for Thursday

  1. SamuraiFrog says:

    That was an exceedingly lovely way to ease into my morning. Thanks for that!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    I happen to love Tchaikovsky more than you. Romeo & Juliet, for one; must be its use in figure skating.

    Did I mention that my daughter's dancing to the Nutcracker this weekend? She's an angel.

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