Saturday Centus

OK, so I messed up last week — but I went ahead and did it anyway, because who’s gonna stop me? That’s what I thought. Heh!

And now, on to this week’s prompt. Obviously the prompt was inspired by the upcoming Memorial Day, but I guess I had food on the mind:

Alright, listen up, folks. Sign says “The Legacy of Heroes”. Sign says that because I made it. Hung it myself a week before I opened the place. Because they’re called “heroes”. That’s what they are. You want one, you gotta call ’em that.

So stop comin’ in here and askin’ for your Hoagies ’cause you ain’t getting’ one. No po-boys either, got it? I ain’t servin’ no subs, no Wedges, no Blimpies and no Bombers. The only Grinder you’ll see here is the one I use to make sausage. I make Heroes. Get it right.

‘Kay? ‘Kay.

So. Whaddaya have?

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12 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Actually, here in Buffalo Niagara, they're subs. Unless it has meatballs, in which case you might call it a bomber. But maybe not.

  2. Dazee Dreamer says:

    hahahaha. great, great job. I love how you think.

  3. Ames says:

    That's cute!~Ames

  4. Unknown says:

    Super …. super … super!! Make mine "the works" …

  5. jfb57 says:

    Coming from the UK I have no idea what food you are talking about so we have a different name for them too!

  6. Susan Anderson says:

    What fun this one is!


  7. Lynn says:

    I guess this Philly girl's gonna be hungry cause they'll be hoagies till the day I die:@)

  8. gautami tripathy says:

    Good one!

    jingling chains

  9. Nonna says:

    LOL Great job…make mine a Bomber with onions, green peppers and a ton of cheese on top !!!

  10. Keda says:

    cute and very original.

    Sorry, Mr Grinder Sir!

  11. cj Schlottman says:

    No Po-Boys? Really? I love this post! Another good one from you.


  12. Jenny says:

    Well. How about a grinder then?

    I think that's what we used to call them back in the day.

    Sadly, I often only dream of heroes now…gluten free pretty much negates my dream of one…no matter what you call it.

    You are really a gem.

    I love your writing.

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