Sentential Links #131

Time for links, links, links!

But first, lynx:

Har har har! Anyway….

:: Random venting on my blog about the human race? Zero dollars.

That serotonin surge of mindless misanthropy? Priceless. (New blog to me.)

:: So as a public service of this blog (and you know I’m all about public service) here is a test. If you’re thinking of becoming a contestant for MOMENT OF TRUTH you must be able to answer all of these correctly. (spoiler alert: the correct answer to all of them is True.) Good luck. (I have not watched this show. The promos alone make me want to vomit.)

:: That’s why Franny and Zooey is on my shelf. (Another new blog to me.)

:: Everyday the same, only books change. (Yet another new blog to me! Hooray!)

:: Blogging is the organization of the important and the ephemeral in the life of a person or organization, ideally in an appealing manner. (As good a definition as I can find.)

:: Before your lack of education becomes too embarassing, just put down the pen. Close the laptop. Be silent.

:: I have a confession to make: pretty stitch markers make me go weak at the knees. (No idea what that means, but there it is.)

:: One of the random things I believe in that I’m not sure anyone else does is the concept of having a bad month. (I always miss it when Mr. Jones starts posting again. And he refers to a girlfriend…I should probably drop him an e-mail and find out what the heck is going on his life. Oh, by the way, my February rocked.)

:: This was rough. (This post made me want to retch. Fair warning.)

And there we have it. Links, with additional lynx. More next week!

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2 Responses to Sentential Links #131

  1. LC Scotty says:

    The last post made me think that if I went with the dollar menu spicy McChicken (it’s a smaller, hotter patty) that this would be freakin awesome!

  2. athena says:

    Thanks for visiting. (Oh, I’m the “mindless misanthropy” girl. Mama would be proud.)

    I found some of your posts about your son and I just want to offer my belated condolences on your loss. What an amazing and special boy he must have been.

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