Sentential Links #152

This will be the final edition of Sentential Links FOREVER!!! Or, for this year. Get ’em while they’re hot!

:: That’s why I don’t date horses. They lie. (See, I don’t date horses because they’re big and they eat oats and, well, they’re horses. I never get to the stage of a relationship with a horse where honesty becomes a factor.)

:: We always had fun when we were working on Next Generation, but when Majel was on the set, it was a party. (BTW, did anybody ever wonder about Christine Chapel’s reaction to learning of Spock’s death? Was she still in love with him by then? And then what about her reaction to learning that he’d been regenerated?)

:: I might like it. I might not. But I am going to taste it completely, and then make up my mind AFTER I see what it is all about, not make up my mind going in. (New book-club blog, featuring Belladonna, among others. Good luck! And take the benefit of my experience: don’t try to inaugurate your new group-read blog with The Brothers Karamazov.)

:: Has anybody ever traced the history of human characters in short cartoons? I specifically mean the use of humans as supporting characters in cartoons that are about anthropomorphic animal characters. (I confess, I never thought about it much….)

:: I know it’s trite to say it, but some of the most important things you can give your kids aren’t THINGS.

:: I’m a firm believer that people can and will make a religion out of anything. Small and large gods are invented every day. I know a guy who’s made a minor religion out of tea.

:: I guess I will have a lot of time to save my pennies for this, since it hasn’t been released yet and we don’t even own a Blu-Ray plyer, but one can dream of the day I can watch every drop of sweat roll down Viggo’s gorgeous face.

:: Related thought: For a group that tends to pride itself on toughness, this is a lot of whining.

OK, folks, that’s about it for Sentential Links until 2009. Excelsior!

(But stick around, I’m not doing a blog-stoppage or anything. Just no Sentential Links for a week.)

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  1. Belladonna says:

    Ok, you kind of freaked me out for a minute there. Glad to hear you are NOT disappearing on us again!

    So what books would you suggest for the new book club? We’re still very open to suggestion.

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