Sentential Links #247


:: When it is unexpected, uncontrolled, and unwanted, two days without Internet is two days in hell. (Ahhh, but when you know it’s coming, it’s really not bad at all! New blog to me, by the way. Via.)

:: The violin piece also got me thinking about the violin that’s been sitting in my downstairs coat closet for over a year. Brand new. Never played. A story for another day. I know I’ll never learn how to play it but it gets me thinking about my life as an instrument. What good is having an instrument if you never learn to play it? (Another new blog to me. I really do prefer “ordinary life” blogs these days, as well as blogs that geek out about particular subjects.)

:: It was just nice, really nice, to be out on a Sunday afternoon with Becca, like we used to be able to do, just enjoying ourselves. Getting a burger for lunch, going to a show… being normal. It felt really, really good. (SamuraiFrog’s ongoing personal victories are really encouraging.)

:: Of course, now I have a huge, 14-year sleep deficit, but I’m going to enjoy trying to catch that up!

:: You might find this strange but I actually sort of like grasshoppers so it’s easy for me to think of them as being “lucky.” (I had to escort an enormous grasshopper out of The Store a couple weeks back…it had come in with a batch of produce of some sort. Guy was just sitting there, hangin’ out on a display. I got him into a box and took him outside. Thing was huge.)

:: There are certain truths that cannot be ignored. 1. Grown men getting knocked in the nads is funny, 2. Small, fluffy things can sell almost anything, and 3. If you make a temperature finder that looks like a gun and has a laser on it you can entertain a group of middle-aged men for quite some time. (I own a Ryobi version of this tool. Mine probably doesn’t have the same temp range of this one, but still, useful and fun!)

:: I’ll be honest: I’m more of a medium-to-high energy guy than radio guy. (Well, I’m glad he set us straight on that!)

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Man, getting hit in the 'nads has become such a cliche that it is, to me, totally unfunny. Anti-funny. Not offensive, but merely a trite way to get a cheap laugh on America's Funniest (Home) Videos.

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