Sentential Links #248

Linkage! The first bunch are comics-related, as DC announced last week that it’s doing another reboot of its entire universe. Or something like that. Who can keep track of these things?

:: The heart of the matter is that this is a very top-down, corporate approach to marketing DC comics, completely in keeping with Dan Didio’s editorial style for years now. The publisher doesn’t do what’s best for each individual title or character; rather it tries to apply one idea to all the titles and characters at once.

:: At the very least, if they’re out of ideas they can kill the next few years reintroducting all the characters again from the starting point. It’s a great opportunity.

:: “Imprisoned for centuries, Nostradamus persevered until (Isaac) Newton’s son Leonid released him in time to witness a violent battle between and a time-traveling Leonardo da Vinci.”

:: This got us thinking… who would be in a science fiction version of the Justice League?

:: That’s what DC has started clarifying. Not a reboot, the launch of the new DC Universe. Ah. What does that mean?

:: For those who don’t know what that is: on a sci-fi show, technobabble is what we call pseudoscientific dialog like “I’ll have to run a level four diagnostic on the antimatter inversion matrix to be sure.”

:: A few weeks ago this was a tree.

More next week!

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