Sentential Links #250

Wow…two hundred fifty of these! Amazing! Incredible! Or…something.

:: To me, the depictions of people trying to break free of whatever and whoever were holding them back, and to escape what wasn’t working, to have the opportunity to find something better and more fitting, even from the oh, so woeful adolescence I thought I was experiencing, were stories, ideas and feelings I had never experienced before. I had never been reached like this by a rock band, hell, any kind of band, before, with such intensity and meaning, such power and understandable message. And, hey, having a saxophone as a key instrument and Clemons an upfront member were vital to this then-tuba player. (A fine tribute to Clarence Clemons, by Buffalo writer Kevin J. Hosey. Check it out!)

:: I was hoping to see some compilation footage of all the people that were tazed. I do so love to see the rioters try to run away but are not fast enough to outrun the tazer darts.

:: Interesting thing about about my mother’s interment this year is that it became the first time that my daughter had had the opportunity to see where my father was buried. She has seen pictures of him, and she talks about him fairly regularly, surprising considering the fact that she never in person. Somehow, it seems as though he became a bit more real to her. And this made me happy. (I love the look on the kid’s face in the first picture on this post — it’s like she doesn’t quite believe that Pop-Tarts are food.)

:: Turns out margaritas make my throat hurt, but all that other stuff sounds good. I could use something right this instant, actually.

:: Lesson of the day: let go and stop worrying so much. I have spent a crazy amount of time worrying my ass off about things that never came to fruition. Truly, the big problems are the things that hit you suddenly that never crossed your mind in the first place. (This is a relatively new blog to me. I can’t remember if I’ve linked it yet.)

:: Either something is natural — that is, part of the Universe — or else it doesn’t exist.

:: I am a woman. I write science fiction.

More next week! The second half of the road to 500 of these posts begins!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I don't think the Daughter ever had Pop Tarts until that very day in Charlotte, NC. She now LOVES them!

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