Sentential Links #262

Linkage commences…NOW!!!

:: Sometimes it’s not good to look under the skirt of your favorite film. (Mr. Jones examines the increasingly infamous Han Solo vs. Greedo scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Interestingly the scene has been shifted yet again, this time so as to make the two fire simultaneously. My beef with changing the scene is that it destroys one of the movie’s best laughs, not because it somehow “emasculates Han Solo”, which would be the silliest of all Lucas-basher claims if not for “George Lucas raped my childhood”.)

:: By the time this horse and dog can work this farm I will be the one changed.

:: Here’s a concept. If you want to hit on a woman at the bar or at least make a good impression, try to do it while not spitting in a bottle. Just a thought. (That this needs to be codified in print does nothing to encourage my faith in humanity.)

:: But something interesting occurred to me as they were verbally patting each other on the back and kidding each other about President Obama’s Secretary of State, while of course being very complimentary of her: This is only the second time in American history that I can think of when a sitting President could count on the support and political friendship of a former President.

:: Bottom line: One Crazy Summer is one stupid movie. (The fact that Bobcat Goldthwait has above-the-title billing should have been a clue here, methinks.)

:: The floor nurse looks like she just killed a guy and is hiding the body in the same room as the photo is being taken in.

:: Well, because fun romps are where you see what people really think. What they think is funny, who they think is a good butt for a joke, which broad stereotypes they think are valid and which they think should be subverted, what they create when they think it’s just for fun, not for literature. (Interesting post about two books that I haven’t read in a while, but both of which I admired, from the standpoint of the treatment of their female characters. I confess that I don’t really key into concerns like this when I’m reading, which makes posts like these deeply instructive for me. Especially since, in my space-opera-in-progress, my three chief characters are all female.)

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