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:: Not wanting to look at this girl directly (lest I be turned to stone) I quickly grabbed a shirt and walked fast to the counter. The T-shirt Girl running the till had heard what I did and we both smiled at each other with our shared secret. For a brief second, we were both in on the same joke.

:: Either way, Komen has stained their charity and it’s going to stay stained when they inevitably cave in to right wing ideological demands again. (I, for one, will never support any Komen-based drive or program again. I will go out of my way to buy stuff without the pink ribbon on it, and I will not donate any money to them. They’ve proven what they’re about. In all honesty, I was already down on Komen with their habit of sending teams of lawyers to enforce their trademark on the phrase “For the Cure”, so that any mom-and-pop selling cupcakes in hopes of raising a few hundred bucks for some disease’s respective research facility had to shut down or change their name. Along these lines, John Scalzi is doing some limited-time fundraising for Planned Parenthood.)

:: There is just something wonderful when Hubble points to nearby spiral galaxies. Sprawling and detailed, we get both great resolution on smaller features as well as a jaw-dropping overview of a grand spiral… like, say, NGC 1073: (Oh, wow….)

:: There were only two shots fired from Greg Stratton’s .22 Magnum rifle. (If you’ve ever wondered what slaughtering a farm animal for meat looks like, this is the post for you. If not…then don’t click.)

:: So I kind of grew up immersed in poetry (some of my older relatives used to recite poetry as well, having learned it in school). I recognize that some people did not. And yet, at the same time, I think the fact that I know it and like it isn’t anything I should have to apologize for or be ashamed for.

:: I’m not a climber and I never will be. I love mountains, but I love the feeling of being in them, surrounded by them. I don’t feel the need to stand on top, to measure myself against them because, well, the mountain wins. Every time. I have no desire to climb Everest or anything else. My fascination is akin to the one I have for polar exploration–the extremes are just so mind-boggling, the bizarre things that this planet can throw up in the face of humans poking their heads into remote and untouched places.

:: I’m not gonna lie, folks: I had high hopes for this storyline after Rose got in her auto accident, and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the way it all played out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly want to see Rose careen off the highway and carve a swath of destruction through the playground at the Toledo School For Adorable But Tragically Blinded Orphans, I’m just saying that in this strip, that’s actually a pretty likely outcome.

:: It was my favorite type of career. Long-lasting, diverse, a little bit chaotic, not overly managed, with moments of brilliance, moments of just good workmanship … and you can tell, you can just tell, that his career has been about acting, yes, but it was about forming relationships. (I hope that when I die, Sheila writes a tribute. Of course, this assumes that when the time comes, I have something to my name to form the meat of a Sheila O’Malley tribute….)

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I was doing some preliminary patent searches and noted some defunct "for the cure" TM attempts. Seemed petty. Now Komen has ruined its brand FOREVER, over an amount that Planned Parenthood made up in about a day in donations, even before the Komen restoration.

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