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Linkage…but first, the Bond girl named “Dink”!

Boy, the casual sexism of the early Bond films still makes me squirm. Anyway….

:: Do you remember back in the “old days” when you’d be out and about somewhere and something would happen, and you’d think, “I can’t wait to blog about this!” It wasn’t that long ago, really. But these days everyone seems to have a phone that connects to every server in the world, and most people just send these moments to Twitter or Facebook. (I miss the sense of free-for-all conversation that used to be the coin of the realm in Blogistan, but I suppose that was inevitable, as the conversations moved to Facebook and Twitter. Neither is perfect, either — on FB, we select the people with whom we want to interact, and that’s that; on Twitter, anyone can interact with us — unless we block them — but man, that 140-character limit can be a bear sometimes. I’ve seen people on Twitter who decide to abandon their blogs, and then they proceed to post blog-post length items to Twitter, 140 characters at a time, for many tweets in a row. This always irritates me, since Twitter updates chronologically, so unless one is actually on Twitter when one of these starts, you have to scroll backward to figure out what’s being talked about. My audience here is pretty much what it is, although I do probably pick up a reader or two here and there, and lose a reader here and there. And that’s about it…the traffic remains the same, and it’s mostly Google image searches. Does this bug me? A bit…but I can’t shut myself up, so there it is.)

:: A lot of people have asked me why I don’t review the Grammys. Any organization that gives Chris Brown awards instead of putting him in jail is not one I take seriously.

:: Gary Carter was responsible for some of the most memorable moments I’ve ever spent watching baseball.

:: Why, Otis Redding. Why?

Why did you have to leave us so early? (This is a wonderful, wonderful post.)

:: Life is a complicated mix of good and bad, painful and pleasant. Through it all I decide which I will focus on …..what I have to be grateful for or what I have to sorrow about. I pick. I hope I can choose well. (My dear friend Lynda has had a rough start to 2012, after a wonderful 2011. I know that she will try to approach everything with as much strength and laughter as she can manage.)

:: Happiness is 20 kids making one pie. Look at the flour on their hands. Look at the smiles on their faces. If this doesn’t make my 24 hours on 3 different airplanes worth the trip, I don’t know what does.

:: When one believes in something you don’t see or understand, too often we assume its them when it is us. There are fairies, there are gods, there are demons and there are angels. Who are you to say there is not? Without trumpets or wings, I know one passed this way.

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I agree with the tweet after tweet on the same topic; a bear to follow. why don't they – I dunno – BLOG what they are thinking then TWEET THAT?

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