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These links are culled from the list of blogs participating in the A-to-Z Challenge. I haven’t done enough surfing of the other participants, so herein I shall try to partly atone for that.

:: In the end, I ended up with some prince-ling guy in a toga being lazy, speaking of which, I couldn’t be bothered to draw whatever it was he was sitting on. But then again, I’m doing these really quickly. (Cool — he chose the same ‘R’ word that I did!)

:: These days, a night out at the movie theater seems to be a luxury for teenagers with excess cash, single people who are employed, unemployed people who have nothing else to do and childless couples. If a family of four went to see the Hunger Games in IMAX at the same theater I went to, that’s a total of $72 in movie tickets — before they even think about getting something to snack on or drink. Looking at entertainment options from a parents’ or family’s’ perspective — especially those who are on a budget, movie theaters don’t seem to be very family-friendly. (Isn’t that the truth. I get to a movie in a theater maybe two or three times a year these days. My last one was to take The Daughter to The Secret World of Arietty.)

:: Questionable intentions were brought by he,
Quartet gently playing in the corner.
Qualifying his earnest pedigree,
Quick to satisfy his plea for her honor.

:: A shibboleth sounds like it could be an Outer God from the Cthulhu mythos (“Iä! Shibboleth! The Black Goat with a Thousand Young!”) or a mystical stone in an Indiana Jones movie (“Behold! The Shibboleth of Akran!”) or maybe, I don’t know, a fizzy, boiled sweet (“A bag of lemon shibboleths please, mister!”)

:: Satie wrote music to dream by.

:: Everybody has some manuscripts languishing in a comatose state, don’t they? I’m talking about full drafts, or at least mostly-done, that suddenly manifested some deep flaw that drained out the spark of life. So you wrapped it up for long-term storage in your mental non-intensive care unit and figured you’d get back to it at some point.

:: The name ‘Nyota Uhura’ once translated means ‘Star of Freedom’ in Swahili. One of Star Trek’s greatest mysteries is why Uhuras christian name was never even uttered in the classic series or movies until recently in Star Trek 2009. (A Star Trek blog! How cool is that!)

More next week!

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  1. csmith2884 says:

    Shibboleth also a great episode of "The West Wing" and where I learned the word.

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