Something for Thursday

Here’s some wintry music, as we here in The 716 are gearing up for the first big lake-effect snow event of this season (and what might be the biggest one we’ve had since Snowvember in 2014): “Journey to Blofeld’s Hideaway”, from John Barry’s score to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is the music that accompanies James Bond’s trek into the Alps via helicopter as he, disguised as Sir Hilary Bray (a prominent genealogist), goes to the lair of the secretive Count de Bleuchamp, whom he believes to actually be his archenemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The sequence itself is one of many gorgeous sequences in the film, alternating stunning vistas of Alpine winter with darker, more suspenseful music that accentuates that Bond is very much not sight-seeing.

We may not have the mountains, but we’re sure about to have the snow!


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One Response to Something for Thursday

  1. Roger says:

    Three or four FEET in 716?! And 18 to 24 inches around Watertown. Meanwhile, in ALB, “Little to no accumulation.”

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