First Snows!!!

My friend Shaun Reiter, who puts up with more of my crap at work than he probably deserves to, was at a social function at Highmark Stadium the other night. When he left, darkness had fallen and the first flurries of snow were coming down, and he took a fantastic picture from outside the stadium on his way out. I saw the photo and asked if I could post it, and he graciously consented, so here it is.

If you’ve seen anything about the impending weather in this region, this particular vista may look very different in the next few days….

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3 Responses to First Snows!!!

  1. Jenny says:

    Fingers and toes crossed for snow!!!!

  2. Roger says:

    So what did you get? My sister called from NC on Monday re the ALB impending storm. We got ONE INCH at the airport. The hilltowns got more, but this was a nothing burger here.

    • ksedinger says:

      The event pictured here produced nothing by way of accumulation. We’re getting a dusting now, but tomorrow night we’re in for a wallopin’!

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