Something for Thursday (the Crappy Mood Enhancement Version)

My mood sucks and is in need of adjusting.

Why is this? Well, everything I saw in the news yesterday pissed me off. I gave a brief (and not even exhaustive) list on Twitter earlier:

Yeah, I’m in a crap mood. So, time to pull out the big guns: a few songs that always cheer me up when I hear them. I’ve posted some or all of these before, but so what? Mood enhancement begins…now.

OK, that ought to do it. Onward and upward! Zap! Pow!

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2 Responses to Something for Thursday (the Crappy Mood Enhancement Version)

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I wouldn't say it's a "crap" mood but I admit, at the rehearsal last night for the Maundy Thursday reading of Mark, when the reader got to "…wars and rumors of war," I shuddered a little bit, given stuff going on in the Ukraine.

    and so many other places.

    Though then again, I thought this morning: There probably hasn't been a ten-year stretch since 33 AD when someone didn't think, "Those prophecies are coming true, better light out for the mountains."

    But yeah, it seems like lots of stuff has been really sucktackular of late, and some of the stupid things some people do aren't helping.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    The 2 OK items irritated me because they were so avoidable.

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