The last few weeks in photos! I knew I had missed this feature last week, but I didn’t realize I also missed the week before. Ouch!

(A word here: I was taking a back way from Clarence to East Aurora a couple weeks back, and I came across this bridge. I was so startled to see a bridge with HP Lovecraft’s face all over it that I had to turn around and go back just so I could get this photo.)

(Yes, hot-pepper jelly on a burger is amazing. Try it and thank me!)

(Yes, sausage and banana peppers are the best things to put on pizza. Try it and thank me!)

(Gummi raspberries, where have you been all my life!)

(When I get typing fast, this is what my fingers do. Because they’re dumb-asses.)

This is the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro. I want one. It belongs to The Daughter, and I am jealous.

Sitting on my new doorstep!

Cazenovia Creek

Those boxes contain my books. Some of my books, anyway.

Believe it or not, I do long for shorts-weather eventually. Overalls, how can I miss you if I have to wear you constantly!

Wow, lots of photos!

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