Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: When a half-marathon runs by his house, what’s an energetic young dog to do?

:: A while back I posted a video of a space shuttle launch from the vantage point of a solid-fuel rocket booster. Here’s a similar video.

It’s not that interesting a video for the first minute or two, because of the vantage point of the camera, but then we reach the point (at about the 1:50 mark) where the booster rockets separate and fall back to Earth, and it becomes amazing. You gradually see the second booster recede until it’s invisible…and the Earth just circles around lazily, getting bigger all the time…and then the other rocket booster comes back into view. And if you freeze the frame at exactly the 4:28 mark, you can actually see the thrust exhaust contrail making a giant bow all the way from the launch pad to the other booster, still free-falling back to Earth.

The screen goes black at about the 5:38 mark; stick with it, though, because the video switches to the perspective of a different camera at that point. Which camera? Watch!

:: A Twitter followee of mine posted this: The world’s ten geekiest houses. It’ll be obvious which is my favorite, but they’re all really amazing.

More next week!

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