Sunday Burst!

Oddity and Awesome go hand in hand!

:: Andy called my attention to this (on Google Plus, no less!), and it’s hysterical: kids of today reacting to a computer from when I was their age. A nine-year-old’s take on an old-school Apple Computer? Awesome! I love the snort of derision the one kid does when he’s told where the computer’s power switch is.

:: And Roger forwarded me this howlingly funny commentary on that most evil of card games, the most demented game of chance of all…UNO. Don’t believe me?

I was at a birthday party yesterday (no, not mine, that’s in a few months from now), and the topic of discussion involved board games – the ones I loved playing as a kid (like Mouse Trap) and the ones I never got around to playing (like Candy Land). Ah, great memories of board games and card games and spinner games and “roll the dice and move six spaces” games. All fun stuff.

And then there was that ONE game. It seems like an innocuous game. You play your cards in a pattern, and hope that you don’t get stuck with a wild card before you’ve had a chance to use it.

It seems like an innocuous game.

That is, until you get into an argument with someone because their final card was a Draw Four and they used it on you as they shouted “UNO!” at you.

Ah, the wonderful game of UNO. This game has probably made more enemies, broken up more relationships, and caused more dirty looks than trying to guess who just passed wind.

I never played UNO much. I enjoyed it when I did, but it does seem to be the love-child of poker and Sorry!.

More next week!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    This is pretty bad, in a good way. Or vice versa.

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