Sunday Links!

Some stuff:

:: Here’s a nifty video that spells out why so much of the whining about the “overreliance” on computer-generated images, or CGI, in movies today.

To me, opining that all that model-making and “practical” effects stuff of yesteryear somehow involved a greater amount of artistry is roughly analogous to claiming that writing was better when writers had to use quill pens instead of fountain pens, or typewriters, or word processors.

:: Eleven amazing clocks. Fascinating stuff here! I’m especially happy to see Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Brewery clock featured; I’ve driven past that clock many a time. It’s kind of disappointing that it is currently used as advertising space for AT&T, but hey, the clock’s still there.

:: The Mole Problem: Why Good Animists Make Good Neighbors. Great post by a Twitter peep of mine on our relationship with the animal world, in the wake of that awful killing of a lion last week.

More next week!

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