A tale….

It begins with the arrival of a mysterious package. I wonder what’s in it?

There is only one thing to do, obviously. I start to undo the tape and open the envelope.

Then, having rendered the envelope fully open, I look inside…

And I find something wonderful, which gives me cause to gloat at all of you folks, because none of you has one of these!

Time to clear off the reading schedule! Under Heaven, here I come! Looks like I won’t be finishing by GGK re-read before the new book comes to my hands after all. I suppose I could stick to the schedule and only read this new one once the last two books (plus the poetry collection) are out of the way, but come on, now. That would be silly.

(This is a review copy for GMR, so my eventual review will be going there instead of here. I am also writing a review of The Sarantine Mosaic for GMR, and I’ll have the link for it when it goes live, so that a link to it will still appear under the post label for my GGK re-read.)

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One Response to A tale….

  1. émilie b says:

    Oy, that's cruel, that is.

    And yet, it makes me feel a little happy to see some tangible proof that GGK's new book is starting to pop out in places and will make its way to everyone soon enough.

    Happy reading!!
    – Émilie Bee

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