The Result of a Rabbit Hole

In order, these things happened:

  1. SiriusXM played “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot.
  2. I looked up the song and read through the lyrics, where I learned that the last transmission from the ship was the Captain reporting, over the radio, “We’re holding our own.”
  3. I look up the details of the Edmund Fitzgerald and learn that she sank in just over 500 feet of water.
  4. YouTube suggests this video of an oil tanker encountering very rough seas.
  5. YouTube then suggests this video in which the depths of various shipwrecks (omitting the Edmund Fitzgerald) are compared.
  6. Noting that the deepest shipwreck on that list is over twice as deep as the Titanic, I look up the deepest shipwreck of all time.
  7. I find this news article about the surveying and mapping of the wreck of the USS Johnston, which went down in World War II in more than 21,000 feet of water.

It’s interesting how you can just follow links and ask a few questions and learn something new, isn’t it?

And it’s been an interesting year for shipwrecks, what with the Endurance being found and a dispute forming over the possible wreck of the Endeavour.

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  1. Roger says:

    Then you listened to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. “Now when you go chasing rabbits…”

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