Tone Poem Tuesday

Composer Aleksandr Shymko was born in 1977 in Borschiv, Ukraine. He has led a distinguished artistic and academic career, composing prolifically. And that is just about all I know about him. I haven’t even been able to find any substantial information about the work featured here today…but it is an effectively emotional work, about twenty-six minutes long and cast in four movements. The Neoromantic sound has an almost chant-like, liturgical feel to it, and it’s deeply meditative even in its more intense moments.

Much is being lost right now as Shymko’s country finds itself in a war it did not deserve and did not want.

Here is Alcion by Aleksandr Shymko. The movements are titled: “Beyond Words”, “One Hour to Live”, “The End of Sorrow”, and “On the Edge of Everything”.


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  1. Roger says:

    Wrote a too long blog post about Ukraine for tomorrow, and I’ve included this. thx

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