Unidentified Earth 2

Two people got last week’s inaugural Unidentified Earth photo right; it was Crater Lake, Oregon. I have very vague memories of a trip my family made to Crater Lake when I was no more than four years old, and I’ve always wanted to see it again.

Anyhow, here is this week’s installment:

This one is probably another easy entry, but you never know.

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One Response to Unidentified Earth 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s the Vehicle Assembly Building, at the Kennedy Space Center.

    You can see the doors on the right side of the image — two doors, that look like huge garage doors. You can make out the crawler tracks on the road leading off to the right, if you look closely.

    The road leading in from the left is where the Shuttle is rolled over from the Orbital Processing Facility — generally accompanied by a surprising number of men with machine guns, and a lot of technicians.

    When the Saturn V rockets rolled out, the doors had to open all the way — for the shuttle, just the bottom two levels.

    The building itself can be seen (on clear days) from planes landing at the Orlando Airport.

    I watched a Shuttle roll over into the VAB, watched a crawler crawl one out from the VAB, saw a launch from about half a mile east of there (near the LCC) and spent a rather fun — if very busy — period of months there.

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