No more TAR….

I’ve just watched the finale of The Amazing Race. I’ll update this post with a reaction to the winners tomorrow sometime, but for now, since the race is ending and next time we see it there will be a whole bunch of new racers, let me say this:

I’ll always love you, Mirna!

And let me express admiration for Charla, too. That woman is tough and her spirit seems well-nigh uncrushable, even if the sight of her dressed in a suit of armor in one episode made me think of R2-D2.

Win or lose, these two are my favorites forever. (Well, they may run a close second to TAR-9’s BJ and Tyler, who uttered maybe the greatest thing ever said on TV: “Whoa, don’t get too close to those termite mounds! The termites will eat all the wood in your body!” To which the other responded, “Ow! My peg leg!” Wow, I loved those guys.)

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One Response to No more TAR….

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the things that I hate from TAR teams is when they BS the cabdriver or ticket agent and say getting to X is a “life or death” situation. Or that their “life depends on it”. I think that crosses a line and it’s a line that Mirna and Shmyrna crossed every single time. I actually was rooting for the blondies to win because they got along best as a team and ran a good race. The nobodies who won I didn’t like _at all._

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