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We took a break from animated movies this week to rent Herbie Rides Again, the less-well-known sequel to The Love Bug. (TLB was out, unfortunately.) I’ve always been a sucker for the Herbie movies, although I never saw the last one, where he went to Mexico. What I liked about Herbie Rides Again is that the filmmakers bothered to come up with an entirely new set of circumstances under which a sentient car might be useful, as opposed to simply retreading the race-car story from The Love Bug. Besides, watching Keenan Wynn’s nearly-insane millionaire developer is a hoot, in and of itself. And you won’t find too many Disney movies, rated “G”, that include the line “I’m going to take this letter-opener and stab him in his ungrateful breastbone!”

In other video-watching news, the local library has a number of Original Series episodes of Star Trek. Last week I watched “The Menagerie”, the brilliant two-part episode that was written to utilize the footage from the first Star Trek pilot episode, called “The Cage”. And last night I watched “The Trouble With Tribbles”, which even now reduces me to helpless laughter, even after I’ve seen it many, many times (though not in quite a few years).

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