A brief writing update!

I’m plowing through the edits for Princesses In SPACE!!! as hard as I can. The goal is to get through this round of edits, the final “substantive” round, by the end of this month. As of this writing, I’m just shy of halfway through the book — maybe 45 percent of the way — and I’ve cut over 3000 words this time so far. The book was 161000 words before I started, and as you see above, right now it’s under 158000. (By comparison, the first draft was about 181000 words long). I’m finding a lot of passages to tighten up, eliminating more redundancy, and generally trying to make things flow better. I’ve only added a few key bits here or there. Huzzah!

After this round of edits, the next job will be to set up my Official Author Website in September, and then complete the book trailer so I can get that up no later than October 1. October will be Final Formatting Month (plus close proofreading), followed by RELEASE in November!!! Wow. It’s getting close enough that I’m really jumping with excitement. This is big, folks! Really big! Huge!!! I’m so excited that I feel like Morgan Freeman at the end of Shawshank Redemption, when he’s riding the bus to Mexico. Without the preceding life in prison, of course. That’s where the metaphor breaks down.

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