At the Gardens

Last week my Brother-in-Law visited us, and one of the things we did was go to the Botanical Gardens, which is always a terrific time, as well as a great place to practice photography! I organized my edited shots from that day into this Flickr album, but here are my favorites from that day:


From the front steps of the Gardens, you can see the looming edifice of Our Lady of Victory Basilica.
A mobile of Japanese umbrellas in the main rotunda. This took a bit of editing, but I like how it came out!
In the time we’ve been going to the Gardens, I’ve probably taken at least two dozen attempted mirror selfies in this wonderfully ornate mirror. Somehow they usually don’t turn out, mainly because I always try to do these quickly before someone comes along. This time I said the hell with it. I’ve really developed something of an ability to say “I have this camera and I’m getting my shot!” of late….
This Buddha statue, in the wonderful Tropical Plants room, is not only my favorite subject at the Gardens, but it’s one of my favorite photographic subjects anywhere in the area. I always take multiple shots of this statue when we’re there. This one turned out pretty well! The key here was the leaf in the foreground, partially shrouding the Buddha and giving the photo some depth. The fact that I’m getting shots like this is a sign, I hope, that I’m leveling up as a photographer!

I have a lot more photos from last weekend that I haven’t even edited yet! If you’re looking for a hobby that will eat some time, photography’s the one, folks.

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