A few random opinions on some stuff

Random stuff!

:: Hey, Pittsburgh Pirates: I’ll be fine with it if you don’t quite make the postseason. But if you find a way to get to 82 losses after the season you had up ’til a couple of weeks ago, well, bite me!

:: Having watched Clint Eastwood several times as a presenter at the Academy Awards, I could have told the Republican convention organizers that he’s an awful public speaker. I could have. Not that I would have, because I think it’s just hilarious that the two biggest memes to come out of their convention was that Paul Ryan is a big liar and that Eastwood is a cranky geezer. You wouldn’t know that their Presidential candidate even gave a speech!

:: Hotel Hell is just kind of dull. It’s Kitchen Nightmares in a hotel. That’s it. I watch it, because I still fall into the “Watch anything Gordon Ramsay does” category, but…it wouldn’t break my heart if this show went away. What’s next? Hardware Horrors, in which Ramsay helps failing hardware stores? “I can’t believe it. It’s a hardware store, and not a single Philips #1 screwdriver to be had. This is simply dreadful…but I’m going to help them turn it around!”

:: It looks like I may be adding cucumbers to my diet. I’ve never liked them before. In truth, I’m not in love with them now, either, but their presence in a salad no longer prompts me to lift it out and hand it to The Wife. Weird. It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore!

:: Words With Friends is more fun than it should be.

:: Today, on Labor Day, it was in the high 80s here in Buffalo Niagara. I accept these temps in July, and I tolerate them when they crop up in August, but I find the high 80s unacceptable in September. I am emotionally ready for overalls weather, so where the hell is it?! GAHHH!!!

That’s about it. Now that I’ve got all that off my chest, onward and upward!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I used to love cucumbers, sliced with just a little salt but the last few times I ate them they didn't seem as good. Not sure if it's me or the cucumbers.

    It was 104 degrees here today.

    I really should try Words With Friends.

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