A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

What’s one specific, concrete thing humans don’t have now that you would like to see us figure out while you’re still alive so you can say, “Hey, wow, look there, we figured that out!” (I think I’ll take the most blindingly obvious answer to this off the table, because otherwise everybody is gonna say, “Cure cancer.”)

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6 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Dave Pogorzala says:

    Not how to get TO a different planet (i.e. Mars), but how to get BACK from it. The rocket equation is a bitch.


  2. SK Waller says:

    A concrete thing… I think I'd like us to have entirely done away with crude fuel dependency.

  3. jason says:

    A Star Trek-style replicator would be nice… do away with scarcity and we eliminate so, so many of the problems that plague us as a species.

  4. Glenn Whidden says:

    Warp drive. NASA is actually working on it now. We're just talking about moving a particle, but come on. Warp drive!

  5. Ben Varkentine says:

    This is very personal, but I'd like a cure for fibromyalgia.

  6. Roger Owen Green says:

    Some transportation mechanism that isn't going to kill us with pollution and global warming.

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