An Hypothetical

So, you’re cleaning out your house.

It’s a pretty big house, and you’ve got a lot of stuff to get rid of. But you’re sure the town trash service will be perfectly happy to deal with all of it, so you start piling it up down by the street.

And you keep piling…and piling…and piling.

It’s a giant pile you got there.

Think of the biggest garage sale you’ve ever seen, and imagine all of that stuff…in one pile, down by the street, with the idea that the town’s trash service will cheerfully pick it all up.

Naturally, the town’s trash service does not pick it all up…or even some of it. Or any of it.

So your pile sits there for a week, maybe two, before you finally rent a dumpster and transfer the contents of your pile into it. Which is what you should have done in the first place. And who knows, maybe a representative from The Town contacted you and said “Nice try, but get a dumpster, at your expense.”

Anyway, now the pile’s gone.

And it’s a month later.

And you’re still clearing out your house.

And inexplicably, you somehow still have enough stuff to get rid of to stock another biggest garage sale in history. (How you’ve packed this much crap into that one house is a mystery for another time.”)

So you decide–because it’s the obvious conclusion!–that what you do now is very simple: you start hauling all your stuff down to the side of the street and start making a nice giant pile….

[some steps omitted]

…and now, two weeks later, you’re on your second dumpster.


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  1. Roger Green says:

    Fortunately, that could NEVER happe t someone like you or me.

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