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Shorter posting ahead….

Posts here will likely be a bit more terse over the next bit of time, as I’m hitting a good spot in my current work-in-progress and my favorite author’s new novel just dropped…. Keep checking in, though! Share This Post

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Tone Poem Tuesday

Film music today! This weekend was, among other things, the twentieth anniversary of the release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which is one of my favorite installments in the series. Even now, when the Prequel Trilogy has … Continue reading

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25 years!

The Wife and I were married twenty-five years ago today. We just got back from a celebratory mini-vacation, and now…our next quarter-century begins. It’s a hard world, folks. Best to walk through it with someone you love. Share This Post

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On the way home….

My God, I love these lakes. More later. Vacation isn’t over just yet…. Share This Post

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When in Rome….

The Wife and I are traveling this weekend, spending a few days in the Finger Lakes. We got back to our rented cottage yesterday, when I found a Direct Message from a Facebook friend. It was something along the line … Continue reading

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On Dams

While on my lunch break the other day, I watched this short film about dam removal on streams in the Hudson River watershed. Fascinating film, with amazing photography (well-worth watching in full-screen HD). Were there a place I could say … Continue reading

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It’s Tab-Closing Day!!!

I was not prepared for mid-to-upper 80 degree temps this week, folks. I’ve found over the last several years that I handle heat a lot better than I used to–time was when 85 degrees would reduce me to sitting in a … Continue reading

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Something for Thursday: Conversation songs, No. 2

Here’s another “Conversation Song”! This is my ongoing series, started last week, in which I feature songs whose lyrics give us one side of a conversation, and we are left to infer the other half. This week’s song dates from … Continue reading

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Then: Hoovervilles! Now: Shapirovilles!

So, a couple weeks back, a video made the rounds of social media that was billed as “A progressive DESTROYS Ben Shapiro!!!!” Now, this is an obnoxious tendency in our click-bait era, when any time a person on one side … Continue reading

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Bob Lanier

I remember when we moved to Allegany, NY in 1981, I started hearing the name “Bob Lanier” a lot. He had been, as far as I could tell, a very good basketball player who had attended St. Bonaventure University, where … Continue reading

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