Brief dispatches

Let’s see, what’s going on? Well, we’re still moving and settling. My Heavens, what a process this is. It’s awful. I hate it…except for the parts of unpacking, settling, and building a new life. That’s pretty cool. But we still have stuff at the old place, and frankly, were it not an apartment building and thus other people living there, I’d be giving a lot more thought to the old “box of matches and some incendiary additives” approach to dealing with the rest of it. Yeesh.

Writing? Well, I knew that May was going to be an awful month for writing, and it has been at least as far as actual generation of real content goes. I have been thinking a lot about my story (well, two stories, because focus just isn’t something I do), and while I have been doing a bit of toe-dipping here and there into writing, I look forward to resuming the work with vigor in June. Onward and upward! Zap! Pow!!

Day job? I don’t talk about my day job much at all, but hey, you know what? It’s going pretty well. I enjoy the opportunities to learn to do new things (at least, new to me), and I’m not burning myself out in front of a computer screen before I come home and try to write. So there’s that.

Lessee, what else…oh yeah. The Wife and I were married seventeen years ago today.

So there’s that. Happy Saturday, Blogistan! Let’s all be careful out there. See you at halftime.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Happy anniversary! We got married two years after you a couple days earlier!

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