Can it be?

A possible spring-like Spring?

We’re in a stretch of sunny days! After rain for what seemed like seventy-nine consecutive days, we’re finally drying out. Not only does it not look like rain any time soon, but we’re slowly warming up. We may be into the 70s by this time next week. Wow! Today it’s still chilly, but who knows…I may be retiring the sweaters-and-turtleneck look sooner than later, I hope.

Also, a long stretch of sun and dry weather will lead to a less muddy yard, which is always a good thing. Here’s the mighty Carla, sniffing the air for a moment whilst playing with her favorite toy.

And here is one of the cats, staring intently at what she is hoping is a mouse but is really a leaf that had been skittering across the deck in the morning breeze.

It’s also time to switch from knit hats to my wide-brimmed hat. The warm times are coming…I’m sure we’ll have some dips back into coldness in store, but for now, this is welcome!

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