Delurking Week continues!

Yup, it’s Delurking Week here at Byzantium’s Shores, so if anyone out there lurks but rarely comments, here’s your chance to speak up! And thanks to those who have done so already. I like to know who’s out there!

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2 Responses to Delurking Week continues!

  1. Anonymous says:


    I accept your kind invitation to speak. I have been reading your blog on a semi-regular basis for quite a long time, but have commented only once. I suppose that I have always meant to comment more and have felt a little guilty for not having done so, but I hope that good intentions count for something.

    I do very much enjoy reading the interesting things you post and, though we do not know each other, I have come to regard a stop at your site as a brief visit to catch up on what a friend is doing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creativity.

    –If you are interested, my previous comment was made during one of your 'ask me anything' events a couple of years ago. I asked you what fantasy world you would choose to live in.



  2. Mark--> says:

    Still reading avidly in Michigan, still a rare commenter.

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