How’s my day going, you ask?


That is how my day is going.

I’m going to wring someone’s neck for this. I’m looking at you, Tony Danza.

UPDATE: HA!!! Got it. Take that, Flanders!

How did I get rid of this thing? Well, I downloaded three different spyware programs: SpyBot, Malwarebytes, and Super Ad Blocker. After running all three of these programs in normal mode didn’t get rid of the item, I tried doing a System Restore several times, but the trojan in question somehow gummed up that process as well, so I couldn’t do the restore. Thus I rebooted the computer in Safe Mode and ran the three spyware programs again, and then I attempted another System Restore from Safe Mode. This time the restore was successful and I’m back up and running. My first order of business was to delete the thing that I’m pretty sure was the culprit; it was something I downloaded using BitTorrent that came packed in RAR archives. Even though I have WinRAR on my computer, for some reason I wasn’t thinking straight (and I wasn’t even drinking) last night and double-clicked this “auto-extract” thing that came with the RAR files. After that, things started going haywire very quickly.

Anyhow, if I ever meet the guy who wrote trojan.zlob, I will kill him. With my bare hands, two stalks of celery, a pair of tweezers, a bottle of truffle oil, and a copy of Andy Williams’s Greatest Hits. Oh yes, that hacker is going down if he ever comes into contact with me.

UPDATE II: Still goin’ strong, so I think I was totally successful. I also have to note that having two computers around really makes this kind of thing easier to deal with; I was able to just fire up the laptop, go online, do some Googling and downloading, and then transfer the new programs to the big computer via flash drive. My laptop is my Batmobile, or my Aston Martin, or my Millennium Falcon. One of those. Probably the last one.

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2 Responses to GRRRRRRR.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is MY fantasy for dealing with the scum who write viruses, etc.:

    They should be staked naked to the ground out in the wilderness somewhere and left to be devoured by some bug or other creature.

    I would prefer that the wilderness area be some type of extremely hot environment and that the devouring creatures work very slowly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just recently got rid of Trojan.Vundo–only because someone helped me. I had tried Norton many times, with no luck (despite the fact it would act like it fixed my problem.) Malwarebytes was the thing that fixed it for me.

    I think there’s a special circle in hell for people who write viruses. In this circle, all offenders are forced to be tech support personnel.

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