I have an “ilk”???

Wow! I don’t recall the last time this happened, or if it’s ever happened, but I got a hate-mail today! Yay!

Anyway, “Edward” says:

If I were you, I would hide under the first stone in the remotest forest…

you and your ilk should never open your stupid beak, you don’t belong in this country, not even on this Earth. What a base kind of “human”, and I am being generous, for God’s sake!

Unfortunately, Eddie didn’t bother to leave any indication as to what particular post of mine it was that brought this on, so I have no idea what it was that got under his skin. That is obviously something over which I will lose precious milliseconds of sleep tonight, but I’ll make up for it with a nap tomorrow. I do assume that it was one of my political views that got him, with the “you don’t belong in this country!” thing. That sort of attack always amuses me, because by simply writing those words, Little Eddie has already admitted, whether he knows it or not (likely not), that by definition, I am a better American than he.

Ah, the amusement!

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13 Responses to I have an “ilk”???

  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    He is just a member of the Overall Haters of America. He and his cousin bubba run the group from the broken down pick-up in their front yard.

    Damn I am jealous. It's been so long since I got any hateful emails. I have been told to just keep doing what I am doing and my time will come but damn.

  2. Unknown says:

    It's probably because you're a Bills fan.

    If you were a Patriots fan, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

  3. LC Scotty says:

    I'll be in your ilk if you'll be in mine.

  4. Erin says:


    Er…sorry, got carried away there for a second. 😉

  5. Glenn Whidden says:

    He's right, you have an ilk. I think I am part of your ilk. I'll have to check with my doctor to be sure.

  6. Bergie says:

    Haters gonna hate, so they say.

  7. SK Waller says:

    You hippy.

  8. Call me Paul says:

    Does that mean you have untlers?

  9. Roger Owen Green says:

    He's probably an overalls bigot.

  10. Kerry says:

    I kind of enjoy the phrase "should never open your stupid beak."

    I also like how he/she calls God into the matter. This is definitely a situation that The Almighty should know about. Almost as important as how insulting boobs are when encased in overalls.

  11. Lynn says:

    Looking over your recent posts, I'm guessing that it was the one about the Modesty Survey. I mean… what kind of evil low-life would defend women wearing overalls?

  12. redsneakz says:

    I don't have enough people read my blog to have anyone hate me. Except my mom. But she hated me already.

  13. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Kerry: "how insulting boobs are when encased in overalls"?! No, no, a thousand times no! They're not encased. They're playing a wonderful game of hide-and-seek! A little concealment can make a ton of difference. (OK, I think that came out a little creepier than I meant it…hmmmm….)

    Lynn: Lowlife? Zut alors!

    And for everyone asking if they can join my ilk: Sorry, but I would never join an ilk that would have me as a member!

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