Something for Thursday

I love John Denver, and to paraphrase Ron Burgundy, if anyone has a problem with that, I will fight you.

I was trying to decide which John Denver song to use this week, and I figured, there’s no rule that I can only present a single one. So, first, here’s “Looking for Space”:

Here’s “Calypso”:

And finally: this song may have become almost a cliche over the years, but this song is one of my earliest musical memories. I remember listening to this when I was very little, and being happy when it would come ’round in the parents’ record rotation when Dad would put four or five LPs on the stereo. (Remember those record players that would hold a few LPs at the top of a three-inch spindle, and use a mechanism to lift the needle at the end of a record, swing it back out of the way, drop the next LP onto the turntable, drop the needle, and start playing the new record? I was always fascinated by the coordination of the record changing.) Anyway, here’s “Country Roads”.

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2 Responses to Something for Thursday

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I was always convinced that those spindles that dropped down albums on top of albums were doing damage to both discs. It made me crazy when my sisters did that…to MY records.

    My favorite JD son: The '68 Nixon.

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