Recent photographic dispatches from my little crazy corner of the world….

Dog shadow.

Yeah, we really need to find a natural predator for these little bastards.

I don’t know what I was drinking, but it made me happy!
These are…OK. Not awesome. I don’t regret them, but one package is enough.
The sun coming up over Casa Jaquandor.
Nice doggie. Nice. (I’m still not sold on this whole “dog” business, though.)
Reflections of a writer.
When this dog gets up a head of steam, it’s impressive to watch. Interesting, he was apparently a poor racer in his brief career, never placing higher than 7th!
No, I have no idea what makes a normal battery a QUANTUM BATTERY. I used this one at work for a wall clock, which seems an inadequate use of a QUANTUM BATTERY.
Leaving a pen in the work pants turns out to have not been the best thing in the world to do. Luckily none of my shirts were rendered unwearable, but some of them do sport a few dark spots that weren’t there before. Luckily they’re already dark, and in some cases the spots will be hidden when I inevitably wear those shirts beneath a pair of overalls.
Peanut-butter-filled pretzels. These things are like crack to me. Seriously, they should be a controlled substance with a street value!
Another sunrise at work. Morning skies are always amazing there.
Two brothers, looking out the back door.
Still working….
Cane has to smell my car whenever he goes for a walk. I don’t know why, but it’s the first order of business whenever it’s walk-time!
I took The Daughter to our favorite local outside burger joint the other night. That little white light behind the sign? That’s the moon.
The WNY countryside as autumn harvest time looms!
At long last, sweaters-and-overalls-and-scarves weather has arrived! I rather like the way this outfit looks, if I do say so myself. (I bought that pair of Dickies overalls twenty years ago, and they’re still going strong!) This was my outfit for our annual day in Ithaca, NY.
A little writing while The Wife gets ready to leave our hotel room.
My PF Chang’s fortune cookie says that I will be a successful writer. (Of course that’s what it means! And yes, it’s right! Never question the soothsaying cookie!)
Driving. Lots of driving yesterday. Next year we try to book two nights in our Rochester hotel, instead of driving all the way from Ithaca to Buffalo.
I was taking a photo of The Wife looking at Taughannock Falls, but she turned and looked at me at the last second. Oh well! (Isn’t she pretty, though?)
Taughannock Falls.
Fried chicken and waffles at Waffle Frolic, one of our favorite places to eat anywhere. Just a wonderful, wonderful meal!
The Ithaca Apple Festival. It’s a bit screwed up this year, because Ithaca is rebuilding its downtown Commons. It should be back to normal next year, though.
Behind the hubbub of the Apple Festival was this church. This entrance seems to me like something out of a Stephen King novel.
There was a terrific jazz band playing yesterday. I could have listened to them a lot more, and we did linger over them! I very nearly took a candid shot of a young couple, two college kids maybe, dancing as if they were all alone with the band in the world. I decided not to, though. Some moments should be left as memories in the hearts of those who experienced them.
And then, during the band’s break, the toilet paper mummy wrapping contest!
On our way home, we crossed from the Cayuga Lake valley into the Seneca Lake valley, in time for the skies to clear and the sun to shine on the waters of Seneca Lake. I adore the Finger Lakes region.
Morning coffee as I start the back half of my vacation. Aside from finishing my proofreading, what to do next!

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