Just ONE Princess in space, Wachowski brothers? That’s cute!

On this year’s summer movie docket, two items in particular stand out to me. First is Jupiter Ascending, in which young Earthwoman Mila Kunis apparently discovers that she is key to the resolution of some kind of space saga thing. I’m intrigued enough by this trailer to want to know more:

Ooooh, Sean Bean! The guy who has made a huge career of earning big paychecks by reliably playing the dude who dies at the end of Act One!

And then there’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’m incredibly amused that Marvel is actually going with this group as part of the second wave of their Marvel Universe comics-to-movies, building up to the second Avengers movie. Guardians isn’t terribly familiar to most audiences, so it will be something new and a bit unfamiliar. Having read some of the Guardians comics, when executed well, the concept plays like a weird mashup of Chris Claremont’s best X-Men work with the all’s-fair-in-search-of-laughs work of Chuck Jones. I can’t wait.

On a more meta level, I hope for success for both films, as that would represent a new taste in audiences for space opera, which would in turn make the world ripe for the picking when Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title) is unleashed upon the unsuspecting peoples of Earth. Zap! Pow!!

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