Pie Society

My friend Lynda, a constant source of wisdom and amusement, has resurrected her once long-standing tradition of celebrating her birthday with a pie in the face (which is a fine tradition indeed, even if it’s not technically a ‘tradition’ for me yet). A teacher by trade, she offered her students an incentive: the highest-scoring student on a recent exam got to do the deed. Although she apparently didn’t factor in the possibility of a tie, so she ended up on the receiving end of two pies. Lucky her!

As she says:

Between landing my new job and making some excellent connections with people I care about, it just felt like everything in my life is swimming with blessings right now. I was so grateful and giddy with how things unfolded, what can I say…it just made me want to do another pie. Only this time I did it with a twist.

Life is sweet – and if you don’t believe me – honestly, there’s nothing to kick start your sense of humor like a nice gooey pie in the face.

I couldn’t agree more! Lynda and I have a long-standing agreement that if and when we ever actually meet in “real” space (as opposed to “cyber” space), we’ll mark the occasion with a hearty exchange of pies. What a blast!

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