A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Real tree or fake tree?

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7 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Lynn says:

    Fake. I like real trees, except for having to vacuum up the needles, having a fire hazard in my house, and the cats climbing the tree all the time. We used to get real trees every year. I have found evergreen needles from the Christmas tree as late as June.

  2. Thee Earl of Obvious says:

    Fake tree but real garlands and wreaths.

  3. Kerry says:

    Real, no question. It's the smell of the pine that gets me over my fear of the critters living on the tree itself. And I also like when you vacuum up all the needles, your vacuum smells like Christmas for another couple weeks.

  4. redsneakz says:

    Definitely an oil menorah, and cotton balls make the best wicks… oh. Sorry. Wrong blog.

  5. Dave Pogorzala says:

    In the vein of Rod Flanders: Fake trees make baby Jesus cry.

  6. Roger Owen Green says:

    Make it real. I've allowed myself to be convinced that cutting down real trees are more environmentally friendly than the faux kind.

  7. luvmy3boys says:

    A real tree that we trekked into the woods to find and our 3 boys help cut down…

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