Saturday Centus

Well, I’ve screwed this weekly writing exercise of late…I did one two weeks ago, but I forgot to link the bloody thing on Jenny’s site, so no Centusians are aware that it existed! And last week’s, I just missed entirely, because I just couldn’t think of a way to do that one without dwelling on death. So let’s see if we can’t do things right, this time! Instead of a word-based prompt, Jenny Matlock asks us to write a story in 25 words, using 5 sentences of 5 words each.

“Is that our new planet?”

“Yes, that’s it. We’re home.”

“I pictured it more blue.”

“Yeah…welcome to New Earth.”

“May it outlive the old.”

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16 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. Dreaming says:

    Oh my…. that sets me thinking!

  2. 21 Wits says:

    Well you're in this week for sure! …and yes it's kind of blue now that you mention it! But are those green people I see too! LOL

  3. Rinkly Rimes says:

    An end-of-the-world story in so few words!

  4. Lynn says:

    You're giving us something to ponder I see-Happy Saturday:@)

  5. Jim says:

    I might be inclined to move to your 'new planet' if this one gets much worse. Really nice take on the 5 X 5 today. 🙂

  6. Nonna says:

    Ahhhh, SciFi/evironmental warning twist…me likey !!!

  7. anitamombanita says:

    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?! Nicely done!

  8. Jo says:

    welcome back … i missed your little bits of sci-fi!

  9. Susan Anderson says:

    I always enjoy your sci-fi stuff!


  10. Judie says:

    HA! So clever! Especially with the sun misbehaving lately!!!

  11. Ames says:

    Wouldn't that make a good movie!~Ames

  12. Belladonna says:

    Well, I COULD get very picky and say your second line is actually TWO sentences. But instead I'll just savor your words and smile. Well done!

  13. noexcuses says:

    I would love to visit! Very clever!

  14. Once Upon an Equine says:

    Ahh, very interesting. And says a lot in those 25 words. Nicely done and very imaginative. I like Sci Fi.

  15. Unknown says:

    Clever, and fits your ongoing theme of 'intergallectic-gloom-and-doom'.
    Anna's SC challenge for wk 97 – 'FIVES'

  16. Jenny says:

    Hi! I'm so behind I haven't noticed anyone playing hooky. I've been doing it myself of late!

    I always enjoy your sci-fi theme.

    This one seemed especially poignant to me.

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