For Kevin, Val, and Walker Evans…and more….

Two of the finest people I know, Kevin and Val, have had to weather an awful lot of storms in the past few years, and now they have to say farewell to their beloved dog, Walker Evans. Here’s some music that I turn to in such times…because words are awfully inadequate. None of this has specifically to do with relationships between humans and animals, but then, the great thing about music is that it doesn’t have to map precisely to exact emotions to be of comfort.

(And in all honesty, I’ve had things like this on the mind all week, even before I heard about Kevin, Val, and W.E. It’s been a sad week for people near and dear.)

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One Response to For Kevin, Val, and Walker Evans…and more….

  1. Kevin J. Hosey says:

    We are very appreciative and touched by your musical choices and your words, Jaquandor. It is still not easy to comment on the loss of our pup, Walker Evans, even though he is at peace and no longer in pain. The Wagner is particularly moving to me.

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