Saturday Centus

So this week we’re back to 100 words on Saturday Centus, and we’ve got a writing prompt that is, as readers will attest, right in my wheelhouse. We’re to write SF (which Ms. Matlock claims to hate; why, I don’t know — good SF is wonderful!), using the prompt Beam me up, Scotty. (She spelled Scotty with -ie on the end, but I corrected it. I still have Geek Cred to maintain, you know.)

Here’s my entry.

So I see dis green girl, sittin’ at de end of da bar, right? And she’s kinda cute, not ugly or nothin’, so I’m tinkin’ she might be da type, right? Get her buzzed, go to her place and, ya know, right? But when I go over, she rolls her eyes and says “Beam me up, Scotty.” And I’m tinkin’, I look like a Star Trek guy to you? I walk away and look for a Star Wars girl instead. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, ya know?

Hey baby, wanna see my lightsaber?


Man, bars on Orion suck.

(Hey, and after you read this, if you heard the voice of a specific actor as you did, let me know who. Because I kept hearing a certain actor’s voice, and I’m wondering if anybody else hears it the same way.)

UPDATE: I find it kind of saddening to see that more than a few of the participants seem to hate SF on an almost a priori basis. Sigh….

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16 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Author's Note: This tale isn't just SF, it's actually set in the Star Trek universe, on the planet Orion, which is home to the fabulous green-skinned girls. There's also some meta stuff going on: the story assumes that Star Wars, as a fictional thing, exists in Star Trek. It also posits in a way that Star Trek is fictional in its own universe! Whoa….

  2. Kim Lehnhoff says:

    So even on alien planets, males still think only with their little head?

    Sad, that.

    And the narrator in my head sounded like he got off a boat from Jamaica.

  3. Viki says:

    The voice sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on who it is, sorry, ha. Loved your take on the prompt. It was very unique and fun. Good job.

  4. Tgoette says:

    LOL! That was awesome! Great use of the prompt, Kelly. In my head I heard Joe Pesci. Am I right? Ah fuggedaboutit

  5. Kat says:

    This made me laugh out loud. "Do you want to see my lightsaber" Really? I think that poor guy might be in for a lonely night! This was a really well done take on the prompt. I think your Geek Cred is intact. And I think you should get moved to the head of the class this week. Loved it! Kat

  6. Susan Anderson says:

    This was fun! And I'm glad SOMEBODY enjoyed the prompt…


  7. linda says:

    I loved this and have to say, i am a sci-fi lover from WAY back.

  8. 21 Wits says:

    Sorry I have my own lightsaber, but thanks anyway…the sound in the background to me was just great words flowing together, possibly a good beginning of a rap but in all…….this was really adorable….even as Sci-fi is really not as adorable…as it is powerful! You are light years ahead for sure! 😉

  9. Judie says:

    We all complain, but we really do love it!! What is that actor's name? I am terrible with names these days.

  10. says:

    This is very funny, and my piece takes place at a bar too.

    I don't know who's voice it is, but you got it down. I'm not a sci-fi person by any stretch, but I don't hate or even dislike sci-fi.


  11. CB says:

    Very clever – I loved the voice and I thought it sounded like Joe Pesci (sp?).

  12. jfb57 says:

    Really entertaining – brill!

  13. Terra says:

    I heard the voice but can't place it. I like the story! Well done, sorry so many of us aren't sci-fi people….but that's the way the world turns eh

  14. Bookie says:

    This was a hoot!

  15. Nancy Jane says:

    Needed a good laugh and this did the trick! Lightsabre??? Tee, hee,hee…

  16. Jenny says:

    I love this. And you know what's weird? I googled that phrase and saw the ie spelling so I figured I was safe.

    Having only watched approximately 1/2 of an entire Star Trek show cumulatively over about thirty years…I humbly apologize!

    Joe Pesci? Sounded a lot like 'My Cousin Vinnie' – ha!


    It's cool to know that the progression from seeing a guys 'etchings' will progress to seeing their 'lightsaber'.

    Really great story.

    Thanks for linking!

    Jennie (oops!)

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